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Our Industries

We provide moulding services to several industries including building and construction, medical, household, electrical, heat treatment, furniture and many more. We pride ourselves on having a hands-on approach, so our service is always proactive, prompt and reliable.

We Supply to Countries All Over Europe

Our stellar reputation has allowed us to expand and sell our products to businesses all over Europe.

We're trusted by companies as far as Italy and Latvia, which is testament to the high-quality services we provide.

How Can Our Plastics Benefit Your Industry?

1. Detailed features - the pressure applied by our equipment makes it possible to create fine details in the plastic, creating intricate shapes at a lower cost.

2. Enhanced strength - we use fillers that improve the durability of your products.

3. Quick turnaround - once we finalise your designs, injection moulding offers a quicker turnaround than other types of moulding.
MOBILE: 07971 065 603
TELEPHONE: 01282 777 717
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MOBILE: 07971 065 603    •      TELEPHONE: 01282 777 717